Find out about our self-managed implementation package

Our self-managed implementation programme gives your team the training, resources, and technical support to successfully deploy the project, while having the confidence that you’re backed by an experienced team of consultants.

“We question assumptions, find insight by going deep, and act as a catalyst to transformation by bringing together the right processes, technology and capabilities so our clients can execute on their strategic plans successfully and realise their full potential.”

We are all about listening, understanding, and responding to your business needs. Done right, an ERP solution transforms the way you do business, helping you get the most value from your people and assets, and can propel you toward your organizational goals. We do not see a client engagement as a one-off project. We are intentional, work hard to be a trusted partner, and strive to be an integral part of the growth of our clients’ business.

Our clients are mid-sized organisations seeking to use technology to transform and grow their businesses. Through our extensive experience and modern cloud technologies, we design and implement cost-effective, cloud-enabled, business management, automation, ERP and data analysis solutions.


An ERP system is the technological hub for your organisation. Done right, it can transform the way you do business, helping you get the most value out of your people, resources, and assets. It makes sense to work with a partner who not only knows the technical potential of the Microsoft cloud platforms but one who also understands the complexities of business operations and how the right system can best support it.