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Priority One founder, Grant Schultz started out in the 1990’s in the family business – C&N Transport – a parcel delivery service with a small fleet of trucks.

Like most small, family businesses it was a typical all-hands-on-deck operation and Grant was responsible for the accounting and admin, sales cold calling, scheduling, load management and even drove trucks. Grant has fond memories of this period of his life: “It was hard work, long hours … I loved every minute of it”. Sadly, after 10 years of delighting customers with exceptional service where “nothing was ever too much trouble”, Grant and his parents made the difficult decision to shut up shop. The business had failed to adapt to the economic and industry changes.

On the eve of Y2K Grant accepted a role as manager of corporate accounting in an asset management company, a big change from C&N Transport. This gave him an appreciation for corporate governance, structured processes and, more importantly, access to modern technology. He understood the potential of digital technologies to provide an up-to-date view of operations with accurate, timely information at hand. Says Grant: “You see that what we lacked back then was real insight into our business, the technology and processes that could support business growth, and the right information at the right time so we could adapt to a changing environment”.

In 2017, Priority One Solutions was born to help clients conceptualise new ways to unify their data, processes and people through smart business applications that adapt with their business. Today they are a small consultancy of focused experts who exceed their clients expectations, who question assumptions, find insight by going deep, and are a catalyst to transformation by bringing together the right processes, technology and capabilities so their clients can execute on their strategic plans successfully and realise their full potential.


No hidden agenda. We have clarity about what we do and why. We deliver unbiased, expert guidance with integrity.

Relentless focus

We are intentional about what we deliver, productivity-oriented, and relentlessly strive to excel.


Constant growth by incremental improvement. The work is never done. Always be learning!


Take ownership with enthusiasm! Always exceed expectations.

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