We understand the many challenges faced in the hi-tech and electronics manufacturing industry. From moving new products out of the door faster, to ensuring comparable pricing, companies fight some of the toughest battles of any industry. With global competition always a key deciding factor, the industry has come to rely heavily on robust management tools in order to handle shorter product lifecycles, a rush of new technologies and demanding customers.

Introducing Priority Tech, comprehensive electronics production management and control – from the shop floor to the end-customer. Designed to serve SMEs, Priority’s electronics manufacturing module effectively supports the entire supply chain. This means smart and reliable tools to grow your business, including superior supply chain management with integrated views and full product line visibility from engineering to production and real- time alerts at every stage in the process.

Priority Tech’s built-in tools enable easy system configuration and fine-tuning without the need for software development. The ease, flexibility and low cost in making these and other changes, equips companies with a tailored solution to develop a unique identity and a clear competitive advantage.

What’s more, Priority Tech supports the next revolution in electronics manufacturing and manufacturing management, including IoT and Industry 4.0, with a dedicated REST API. Our mobile application development tools allow users to build applications in Priority without writing a single line of code, resulting in robust integrations and a significantly more flexible ERP system.



Production planning

Manufacturing Execution

Supply Chain Management

QA and Compliance

Finance and Accounting

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